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SAY changes the way news is delivered by providing audiences with powerful new curation and syndication tools and by rewarding publishers committed to privacy and well being.

About SAY

SAY is changing the way news is created and experienced by providing audiences with powerful new filtering and curation tools and by rewarding publishers committed to privacy and well being.

SAY's social news app is where you will go to browse fresh news streams from thousands of sources that promote positive and desirable states.

SAY is a smart, simple and safe way to consume and share news while reducing exposure to inflamatory and unwelcome provocation.

Media provocation takes place at the emotional level and overrides our ability to process information.

Unfortunately it also promotes unhealthy states of mind.

SAY's AI based emotion classifiers can detect more than 90 emotional states invoked by digital content, such as depression, sadness, awe, vigilance and curiosity.

Some of these emotional responses are desirable and promote personal well being while others are harmful and unwelcome.

SAY app users are empowered with a full range of emotion filters to ensure only desirable content is made available while avoiding unwanted and negative overtones.

Filtering out toxic content does not prevent you from getting the information you need to stay informed. With SAY's configurable topic settings you access the news topics and categories you consider important, with the least amount of negative exposure.

SAY allows you to track your daily media consumption and alerts you to high levels of hateful, depressing and negative material.

Sharing positive content with your closest friends and family is simple and safe using SAY's native group chat - secured by end to end encryption.

SAY protects your privacy with zero personal data collection and zero session archiving.

Frequently asked questions

SAY is a social news app that you can use on your desktop of mobile device
SAY is based on a platform consisting of streaming content feeds, a social app and a blockchain based currency called SAY COIN
SAY COINS are blockchain-based tokens simply called SAY and stored in the virtual wallet included in your SAY app.
SAY COINS are used to participate in SAY Syndicates in order to receive commissions from publishers.
SAY users NEVER pay for content. A requirement of publishers uploading content is that it is always free and always free of advertising.
We expect to launch the SAY app in the second half of 2019
The SAY ICO date has not been set.
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